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This column are meant for the purpose of a more productive communications between The Advertisers and The Enquirer. Results in our yearly report had brought us to be mindful of certain matters in which that there are actually many users were not precisely sure on “How to” engage or enquire for an escort service; resulting to many unproductive interactions occurred.


Be Consistent With Your Interest

At any purchasing scenario, if a buyer does not know or have not decide what to buy; as in this scenario, which escort lady he prefers. The enquiry conversation will at the end lead to the sales person losing interest in serving your enquiry as his upmost priority. At this point, the buyer as in the one who calls up to want a service might felt, the customer service of said company is doing a lousy job; but in fact it is due to the result an undecided planning like – the time and date that you required the service, who in particularly you really like, how many hour you wish to have her with you…. etc.

Solution :

Be precise with what’s on your mind, your planning, be polite ( don;t start with questions like – how much? details please, Hi dear…. etc ). Please be mindful that this is a deal or a business agreement, in which a companion is the product.

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